Paul Walker Ghost Appears In Filming Of Fast & Furious 9 (Incredible)

Post the release of the seventh installment of Fast and Furious series, a picture showing Paul Walker’s ‘ghost’ standing beside Vin Diesel has gone viral on the net.

The photo, created by Jeffrey Raymond Frohlich, shows Diesel leaning against a car with a silhouette of Paul Walker standing next to him. The film, that released on April 3, 2015, has become the biggest hit of the franchise and it was dedicated to Paul Walker.

In memory of the star, Vin Diesel even named his daughter Pauline.

Paul Walker’s death in a high speed crash is a teachable moment for fans of the “Fast and the Furious” film franchise and others who like street racing.

Walker was one of the central figures of the series until he and friend Roger Rodas died in a November 2013 car crash in Santa Clarita during the filming of Furious 7.  In order to finish the movie, producers brought in Walker’s brothers, Caleb and Cody Walker.

Paul Walker tragically died in November 2013, but tributes to the star have begun to pour out once again, as Fast and Furious 7 marks his last outing at the character that helped shoot him to fame, Brian O’Conner.